Show Your
True Colors


Make Tide Pods the “go to” detergent for young transitionals (people transitioning to new life stages).


To prove that Tide Pods are the perfect detergent for young transitionals, we focused on a transition brands don’t usually talk about: coming out. Coming out is a life transition that is inherently dependent on clothing. The brighter colors that Tide Pods cleaning power offers will help the LGBTQ community feel more confident when coming out.

Big Idea

Encourage members of the LGBTQ community to be themselves and show their true colors.

Pride Pods

For the duration of the campaign, all Tide Pods will be rebranded as Pride Pods, sporting an explosion of rainbow colors and campaign branding. A percentage of the proceeds made off of Pride Pods will go to LGL, a national LGBTQ rights organization, in order to create a better world for the LGBTQ community.

Tide Loves Pride Shirts

These t-shirts will help the LGBTQ community to come out and celebrate showing their true colors, literally. They don’t seem like much at first. Indoors, they look like plain white t-shirts. But, using UV color changing technology, once you come outside, the colors come out with you, revealing themselves to the world. An entire collection of shirts will be made, all sporting campaign copy and Tide branding on the back.

Pride Pods Supports

When people come out online during June (Pride Month), Tide Pods will support their transition with a Pride Pod. When they share their LGBTQ status on their Facebook profile, by either saying they’re interested in the same-sex or in a relationship with someone of the same-sex, Tide Pods Bot will message them.

Users can redeem the offer to get a Pride Pod and a Tide Loves Pride t-shirt sent directly to them.

Along with a Pride Pod and t-shirt, each gift box will also have a personal note, thanking each person for their bravery and encouraging them to interact with the campaign on social media.

Tide will support the LGBTQ community through all of their social media channels, encouraging others to come out and share their experiences through various campaign hashtags.

Coming Clean

A significant part of the LGBTQ community have yet to come out. To raise awareness and encourage those who haven’t to do so, these Pride Laundromats will be set up in major cities where young transitionals are known to frequent laundromats. Four out of every ten LGBTQ people are still in the closet, so 40% of the washers will be left plain, showing that there are still a lot of people out there waiting to show their true colors.

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Art Directors // Edan Michener and Samantha Spellman
Copywriter // Taylor Whitelow
© 2020 Edan Michener  
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