Nike PLAYlist


In 2019, only 1 in 10 kids find sports to be fun. With stats like that, it’s easy to see why kid’s participation in sport is declining.


Develop a way for Nike to connect with the youth and encourage them to play.

Big Idea

Nike PLAYlist - An episodic series that lets kids reclaim the fun side of sport by owning the conversation and expressing themselves through activity.

Each season includes a variety of segments like Sports Lab, #TheReplay and 60 Second Hangs. In each, elite Athletes like Sam Kerr, De’Aaron Fox and Todd Gurley are paired with kids to inspire them to find new, inventive ways to move.

To ensure the show encourages behavior, we designed each episode to run on YouTube, and live as the first-ever Nike content to run on TikTok.

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Sammi Needham, Tommy Korad, Daan van Dam,
Peter Toutant, Bridget Hildebrandt, Andy SilvaBello
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