Nike Member Days


Nike Member Days, a biannual celebration of the Nike Membership community, needed a dynamic and recognizable brand identity, one that could be executed globally and consistently across Nike’s many different geographies, with the primary goal of shifting the promise of Nike Membership from buying to belonging.


We created a brand identity that works across all placements, geo-specific adaptations, and accommodates both consistent Membership identity elements and future seasonal campaign evolutions.

Our design system created a consistent look and feel for Member Days, a program that athletes will now recognize, anticipate and celebrate long into the future.

We also created a campaign journey and hub, where Members could explore and participate in globally-led as well as geo-specific activations. The hub was built for local Nike markets to customize their Member Days campaign materials according to their unique Member Days programming.

We extended beyond digital into physical OOH and retail spaces as well, making this campaign into a true online-to-offline journey for our Members.

In the end, everything was combined into a final toolkit, containing everything Nike’s global teams needed to build out their local Member Days activations and campaigns now and into the future.

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Edan Michener, Henry Cook, Peter Toutant,
Brandon Wells

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