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Brand Identity
Nike Game Growers Now
Societal pressure, lack of easy access, and feelings of powerlessness are making it difficult for young girls to participate in sport.

How do we encourage girls to imagine themselves as athletes of the future, if they can’t see women there in the present?

Big Idea
Nike Game Growers Now - A new, unprecedented show that unites girls by offering an immediate way to add their voice to the conversation.

Role: Designer, Animator

Before the show, we put the call out to people everywhere to sign up to celebrate women in sports and broadcast the show on their own channels. For the first time, viewers could co-broadcast the Nike live-stream on their social channels, transforming them from passive viewers to active supporters.

Going live
The 30-minute show features WNBA Las Vegas Aces player, A’ja Wilson; Actor and rapper, Sky Katz and Director of Operations, WNBPA, Terri Carmichael Jackson, with model and baller Keke Sevillian as the dynamic host. The discussion incorporates a mix of funny, serious and inspiring stories from the guests about their experiences with sports, where it’s taken them, and their message for girls today.

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