McDonald’s Digital Corporate Ecosystem Redesign


To go along with the announcement of their new strategic growth strategy, Accelerating the Arches, McDonald’s wanted to refresh their entire digital corporate ecosystem, in order to better communicate their brand purpose and unify the many different pages that made up the former corporate site.


The new design brings the corporate ecosystem up-to-date, while also becoming the central hub for the Golden Arches worldwide.

The success of such an immense ask depended on the ability of our team of designers, producers, and clients being able to iterate and provide feedback in real time. Figma made all of this possible and was the engine for our design team, allowing us to transition seamlessly from UX to design.

In total, there were over 50 pages that got designed over the course of seven months and seven design sprints. These ranged from high traffic pages such as the corporate homepage, to more detailed issue pages like Conserving Forests and Food Safety...

...along with a fully functioning prototype of nearly the entire corporate website.


The previous version of the corporate ecosystem had no clear page hierarchy. From the outset, we made sure to correct that and created a clear path of information, starting at the larger and more iconic landing pages, and then filtering down to the more detailed issue pages.

Level 1: Landing Page

Level 2: Pillar Page

Level 3: Issue Page

And we of course didn’t forget to bring the playfulness that we’ve all come to associate with the Golden Arches to life in small, branded moments across the ecosystem.

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Edan Michener, Colleen Miller, Erin McCarthy,
Tyler King, Brandon Wells, Gabe Cheung

© 2022 Edan Michener