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Make America Honest Again


In the era of “fake news,” honesty in politics is appreciated more than ever.

Big Idea

Let’s make America honest again.


We changed Honest Tea’s name to Honest-y and created a full campaign to show politicians what the American people want most: honesty.

A Small Bottle for a Big Change

Politicians need to be held accountable for their lies, so we’re letting the American people talk to them directly. After buying a bottle of Honest-y, you can peel off the pre-paid label, write a question or complaint to the politician of your choice, and drop it in the mail. After the messages are screened, they will be forwarded directly to the politician, along with a bottle of Honest-y.

Honest-y Snapshot

Younger voters often don’t show up to the polls because they don’t know enough about the candidates or what they stand for. So we brought the candidates right to them. After scanning the Snapcode, they’ll receive a weekly snap from Honest-y with information on a candidate and how honest they’ve been that week. Users can also swipe up to visit the Honest-y Test microsite.

The Honest-y Test

A microsite that puts each politician’s honesty to the test. Visitors to the website can choose a candidate…

…type in a question or topic and then press “go”.

The candidate’s nose will grow. The farther it goes, the worse their Honest-y Rating is.

Dishonesty Connect 4

During political debates, lies and lying behavior are sometimes hard to spot. Let’s reward people for exposing them.

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Art Director // Edan Michener
Copywriter // Sophie Knochenhauer

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